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DOI: https://doi.org/10.4491/eer.2018.444
Excellent toluene removal via adsorption by honeycomb adsorbents under high temperature and humidity conditions
Min-Whee Cho1, Jongjin Kim1, Jeong Min Jeong1, Bongbeen Yim1, Hyun-Jae Lee1, and Yoonjong Yoo2
1enbion Inc., Daejeon 34026, Republic of Korea
2Korea Institute of Energy Research, Daejeon 34129, Republic of Korea
Corresponding Author: Bongbeen Yim ,Tel: +82-42-863-8675, Fax: +82-42-863-8677, Email: yim@enbion.co.kr
Received: December 21, 2018;  Accepted: March 1, 2019.
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Removal through adsorption is the most widely used and effective treatment method for volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in exhaust gases. However, at high temperatures and humidity, adsorption is competitive due to the presence of moisture and unsmooth physical adsorption thereby deteriorating adsorption performance. Therefore, water adsorption honeycomb (WAH) and VOCs adsorption honeycomb (VAH) were prepared to improve VOCs adsorption at high temperatures and humidity. Adsorbed toluene amounts on single honeycomb (SH), containing only VAH, and combined honeycomb (CH), containing WAH and VAH, were determined. Further, the toluene adsorption rates of honeycomb adsorbents mounted on rotary systems, VAH-single rotor (SR) and WAH/VAH-dual rotor (DR), were determined. Toluene adsorption by WAH/VAH-CH (inlet temperature: 40-50oC; absolute humidity: 28-83 gH2O/kg-dry air) was 1.6 times that by VAH-SH, and the water adsorption efficiency of WAH/VAH-CH was 1.7 times that of VAH-SH. The adsorption/removal efficiency of the WAH/VAH-DR (inlet temperature: 45oC; absolute humidity: 37.5 gH2O/kg-dry air) was 3% higher than that of VAH-SR. This indicates that the WAH at the rotor inlet selectively removed water, thereby improving the adsorption efficiency of the VAH at the outlet.
Keywords: Adsorption/desorption | Honeycomb adsorbents | Rotary adsorption systems | Volatile organic compounds | ZSM-5 zeolite
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